Saturday, February 4, 2012

a surprising way to sac a fecha

2Preach My Gospel says that during the first lesson or any other lesson, “do not hesitate to invite people to be baptized and confirmed.”

When the investigator accepts the invitation to be baptized and has a specific baptismal date they have a fecha.

Fecha is the word for date in Spanish. However to “sac a fecha” is missionary slang. Sacar can mean to obtain, but grammatically if missionaries were obtaining a baptismal date, they would  “pusimos una fecha bautismal,” or so I am told.


None of the missionaries in our mission ponen fechas bautismales. However, they all love to sac a fecha!


Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend the baptism of Joanna. Her whole family joined the church a while back. She has consistently been attending our church and another church, studying and waiting until she was sure.

The missionaries have tried many times to sac a fecha with Joanna to no avail. They recently felt inspired just to give her some space.

As it turns out, a while ago, Presidente spoke to her following the general session of her stake conference and challenged her to find out for herself if these things were true. Then, last week, another person spoke in her local Sacrament meeting of the need to seek the truth and the words of Presidente came back into her mind. It motivated her to act.

On her own, after church she found the missionaries and said that she wanted to be baptized. They could hardly believe what they were hearing! And on Sunday night, when all of the missionaries reported their data for the week, they added one more miraculous fecha!


This Sunday night, however, that fecha will go away and be replaced by a confirmation. Warmest congratulations to Joanna and all the beautiful faces behind the fechas for the week.

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