Wednesday, February 1, 2012

starting the day with a parade



We had an interesting ride to the airport. The transportation union was on strike and had shut down all of the lanes getting into the airport except for one. Very few cars were leaving the airport and you can see in the collage that there were some who took their luggage in hand and walked down the freeway to the next exit to find transportation. There wasn’t a lot of people involved in the strike, but they did make a big display with their drums and other noise makers. We left in plenty of time and felt very fortunate to be standing and waiting when our missionaries made it through the customs line.


We gave them a brief overview of the mission on the way to the offices and then our hungry and tired missionaries had lunch and waited for interviews with the Presidente.


All of the missionaries that were receiving changes this transfer arrived for the transfer meeting late this afternoon. Most of them had been able to write their parents before the meeting, but that was impossible for the missionaries who had to start travel very early this morning and spent the better part of the day on the bus. The transfer meeting is always great. The missionaries are so happy to see each other, and every time I am reminded of the Book of Mormon scripture:

“…how great reason have we to rejoice; for could we have supposed when we started from the land…that God would have granted unto us such great blessing?”DSC01160DSC01162DSC01135DSC01137DSC01138DSC01139DSC01140DSC01145DSC01146DSC01148DSC01149DSC01150DSC01152DSC01153DSC01154DSC01155DSC01156DSC01157DSC01204DSC01164DSC01167DSC01169DSC01170DSC01175DSC01176DSC01177DSC01180DSC01183DSC01185DSC01186DSC01188DSC01187DSC01192DSC01193DSC01195DSC01200DSC01197

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  1. what a great looking group of sisters and elders!