Saturday, September 21, 2013

september pastores

Alex Cuba - Por Donde Vas
The piano music comes from Wayne Gratz from the album Island Sanctuary.
I am not sure of the name of the final song. I think it is called His Outstretched Arms. I had no luck finding it,
but Sister Cahoon could probably help with that. I would also like to thank Sister Leavitt who accompanied her on the piano.

If you have trouble viewing the video, send me a message and I will upload it again.


  1. Ya estaba echando de menos el vídeo de los pastores de este mes...Quedo precioso y se ve muy bien!!
    Felicitaciones hermana Carter!!
    Esta hecho en Prezi, verdad?
    Me emociona mucho escuchar los testimonios de cada uno de los misioner@s que van terminado su misión cada mes...pero el de éste mes más aun por la forma en que esta echo y la canción final interpretada por la hermanas Cahoon y Leavit.
    También porque ya varias de las compañeras de nuestra hija han ido terminando ya sus respectivas misiones y eso significa que le va quedando muy poquito para que regrese y eso nos produce sentimientos encontrados.
    Que el Señor bendiga a tod@s l@s misioner@s de la misión, especialmente a los pastores de éste mes para que al regreso de sus hogares haya estado todo bien.

    Fam. Saavedra Acevedo.

  2. Hermana Carter,
    My son is one of your visa waiters, so I love reading your blog and looking forward to when he will be experiencing what the other missionaries who are there are experiencing.
    One item that I check every time is how many Visa Waiters you have. Is 37 correct? It seems like that was a low number when you put it up, and now it has been that number for a while. Are visas coming through better, now?
    Thanks so much for the blog. I really do enjoy it and have learned so much.
    Yours in the Gospel,
    Edell Washburn

    1. The sidebar has been updated!

      We will see some visa waiters from the US this coming week and we got one from Honduras last week. We have hope that in the next few months that they will all arrive!

      We are anxiously waiting and check on our visa waiters several times a week. It will be a happy day when that item on the sidebar is no longer necessary!!!!