Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ramos mejia/caseros/aldo bonzi


We didn’t bring all of the missionaries in from these three zones, but we did run training all day long. Before the mission, if someone showed up at our door at home, Presidente always wanted me to talk to them, because he has a hard time saying no, thank you, to whatever request is standing there. I, on the other hand, was quite direct sending them on their way.


We had some great door contacts today. I not only was willing to let these amazing missionaries in my door, I was almost ready to give up my firstborn child, if they had asked! We asked one companionship if they got in to talk to most people with all their charm…and they admitted, in the most humble way that you can admit such a thing, that they do.


They contacted me when I was supposedly having a party AND I told the they could come back later and they still got me to open the door and let them come in and talk with me and all of my pretend “amigos.”


I think the missionaries liked it best when I swapped out with one of the hermanas and she was the one rejecting us, and I was with her companion trying to tell her the importance of our message.


The paperwork is actually kind of interesting. There are some things we say over and over in the mission. Sometimes the missionaries were laughing as they read the questions, which were mostly true/false style. For example, It is okay to drink the water as long as it is mixed with juice from a bottle. FYI – false


The other day, I incorrectly said that the missionaries were teaching a lesson. There are things the missionaries do to start and end a lesson and that is actually what they are practicing.


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