Thursday, October 10, 2013

the domino effect


DSC07723Our missionaries arrived from Mexico! Some mission presidents decide which companions the new missionaries will have before they meet them. However, Presidente likes to chat with the missionaries first. He decides who will be trainers and then matches up the trainers with the new missionaries.




So…this is how the domino effect worked out this time…6 new missionaries and 16 changes of companionships. To be perfectly fair though, 2 of those changes are the two elders that are coming in to train with the secretaries. It was a good time and they will now have the opportunity to go through two transfer weeks in the cycle before they are on their own.


Moving from Catan, we have a new district leader now in Castelar.







And another new district leader in Chivilcoy.









Some missionaries were told that they had two weeks to get their companions ready lead the area and to be ready for more changes.DSC07752

The hermanas are teaching and baptizing like crazy in their area. So…we are doubling the hermana power by giving each of them a new companion.


Below, we have the elders that are training to be Presidente’s secretary on the left and the secretary of materials/missionary pensions on the right.


This poor dear elder was on his way to the Neuquen Mission with his group. However, they had a stop off in Buenos Aires to do paperwork. The morning of the departure down south, the hotel said they would watch over the luggage of the missionaries while they breakfasted. When he came out, his backpack was gone and with it, ALL of his documents. We are still not sure how the story will end…if he will be able to get them replaced from here, or if he will have to return to his home country. In the meantime, with the best attitude ever for all of the challenges, he is serving in the best mission in the world :D and we are very happy to have him here!

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