Tuesday, February 4, 2014

38 interviews

DSC00953Presidente did at least 38 interviews today and the assistants and I listened to at least 19 lessons about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and attending church services. Actually, most of the missionaries taught the lesson more than once to us so that they could improve their questions and manner of teaching. I just have one thing to say tonight...

I am planning to go to church on Sunday!





The hermanas opened the building for us in Castelar when we moved over to that chapel for the afternoon interviews. They came back later for their personal interviews and at the end of the night, they returned again. I was surprised because they knew that Presidente was meeting with the Stake President and that we didn’t need keys to lock up. Just as we were leaving however, I saw them in making plans with their Bishop and I caught a picture of them through the glass window with permission from him. It was a good missionary moment and it is something that our missionaries do on a regular basis.

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