Sunday, February 16, 2014

sunday in campo


Oh how I wish I had beautiful words to tell amazing stories. I don’t normally travel with my husband on Sunday unless we have a speaking assignment, but this particular Sunday I received a special request.

Many, many months ago when my husband had plans to travel to one of the branches, he asked the missionaries there to set up interviews with 3 inactive members of the church. They prayed and received the answer. The first of the three interviews took much longer than anticipated and eventually the other two left without interviews. But later in the day, Presidente stopped by the home of one of them and thus begins the story.

Several weeks later, I returned to that home with Presidente and met two of their three children. I was particularly impressed with their teenage son who happened to be studying English. After we left, I talked with Presidente about the elders tutoring him in English and it was arranged.

Very soon thereafter, he was accompanying the missionaries with lessons and had a calling as the branch pianist. Months went by and his younger brother was baptized and the whole family was attending church together.

Eventually, he expressed his desire to serve a mission. Presidente told him that he should come and serve as a mini missionary in our mission so that he would really know what that means. If all went well, he promised to send in his papers. All went well…all went very well and even after just a few days, unbeknownst to our mini the papers were off.DSC09831

Meanwhile, his father became very ill and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Last week he asked for his son to come home before the end of our transfer. We made arrangements for another mini missionary and attended church in his home branch today. Afterwards, we went to his home where Presidente handed him a very important envelope.


DSC09849Standing by his branch president, who told him that it was time to take off his Hermano tag and prepare for the moment when he receives his official missionary tag.





His dad will have surgery this week.

We returned to the chapel where he shared his happy news.


Then we said goodbye to our amazing missionary couple that serves there. They have been training our current office couple for similar service in another town in campo. We took them and the hermanas with us because those sisters need to be in capital tomorrow for work on their documents.


We made a stop in Chivilcoy for a few more interviews before heading back to the office in Ramos Mejia where other duties awaited.


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