Thursday, February 27, 2014

meanwhile others were taught by elder evans

david-f-evans-largeDavid F. Evans is the Executive Director of the missionary department. Missionaries from the Buenos Aires North and South missions joined with some of the missionaries from Gonzalez Catan, Marcos Paz and Ramos Mejia.

We met from 9 until 1:20. Elder Evans taught the entire time with the exception of 10 minutes when his wife told us a sweet story about two 8 year old boys in their ward in Utah who both have brothers serving in Argentina missions. One day when the two of them were together one asked how the other felt. He said that when he gets sad, he goes into his room and puts on his older brother’s sweatshirt and thinks about him for a little while. Then he takes it off and carries on with his day.


Elder Evans shook hands with all of the missionaries in attendance before the meeting started. Afterwards, Presidente chatted with the missionaries from our mission about some of the things that they had learned and how they can apply it in their work while we waited for their lunch to arrive.


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