Thursday, February 6, 2014

las heras and mariano acosta

6 Feb 2014

Because Argentina is a nation of immigrants, we sometimes find little towns that feel like they escaped from another time and/or place. That is how I felt today in Las Heras, officially General Las Heras. The general was one of their heroes in the war for independence. The town has a strong Italian influence. It is beautifully kept and the hermanas that work there said that it is also a very friendly town and you can expect to be greeted by everyone. Later when I mentioned that to my husband, he told me that the two guys mowing the lawn in the central plaza said hello to him when he got out of the car to take the picture for me.


DSC01019Church is held in a home behind the eye doctors place of business. The hermanas said that they have more than 70 attending each week. I can’t imagine how they all fit!




We then went over to Mariano Acosta, which I am sorry to say is not one bit photogenic but at least the elders that work there are!


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