Sunday, February 2, 2014

w i d e streets and BIG trees


We started off this morning with a little drive to 9 de Julio. Since we arrived about a half hour before church was ready to start, we drove over to the central plaza. There I noticed a semilleria, which is a store that sells seeds. I thought it was perfect to take a picture of a seed store in campo and we went around the square again. The second time, my husband noticed people next door making fresh pasta. It is so rare to see anyone about this early, especially on a Sunday morning. I dropped in and asked them if I could take a picture. Later, I gave the hermanas a reference to visit them and some money to try out the fresh pasta. I am looking forward to their report.


I loved how the door to the pasta store looks like it is made out of pasta!


Church is held in an old house. Inside it looks like a Victorian house with tall ceilings and big windows. I noticed how the members and missionaries call to one another and chat with each other through those big windows as they are arriving to worship, even after services have begun!


DSC00912In the backyard of the house is the baptismal font. It actually had a couple of inches of water in it since we have had quite a bit of rain in the last 24 hours. The entire mission will have pension inspections this month and we stopped off at the hermanas pension. They told us that they live in the penthouse and that they love the view. I am not so sure about recommending the view, however!


After church we made our way back through Bragado and on to 25 de Mayo.


In 25 de Mayo, the Saints also meet in a house. We restored a Victorian home in Florida, and I would actually would enjoy the project of restoring this one, as well. It had interesting lines and a huge kitchen!



These hermanas say that they live in the best pension in the mission and Presidente says that it is true. We only wish we would find more places like this!DSC00926

About this time, I figured out that all of the meeting houses in these little towns were going to be in houses. In Saladillo, the missionaries had their bikes parked outside, so although we were looking for the sign, it made it easier to find “the church”.


Our last stop on the campo tour was Lobos.


We had never seen the main plaza in Lobos, so the hermanas directed us and we dropped them off to make some contacts in the plaza. Meanwhile after a trip of 800 km, we made our way back to the city. We are grateful for the safety and reasonably good weather that we enjoyed while traveling since there have been floods and storms all over the place. More than anything else, we are grateful for good missionaries who are fulfilling their purpose.


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