Saturday, May 3, 2014

asado in caseros


The stake president of the Caseros Stake is very pleased with the work that the missionaries are doing in the Caseros Zone. We had a holiday on Thursday and Friday this week, so he invited all of the missionaries in the zone to an asado made especially for them at the chapel on Thursday night.

Now this building has a big parrilla and he is quite the cook!DSCN8903

The missionaries also brought along a few things to contribute to the meal.


They all thought it was great, I can tell you for sure!


They wrote the names of their converts in the shape of the number 23, which as you can correctly assume was the number of baptisms that they had in the zone last month. The assistants are pointing out the names of their converts.


Gracias Presidente! Va a ver un mes exitoso el próximo mes también si quiere cocinar otra vez!


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