Thursday, May 1, 2014

missionary leadership council in two parts

Of course, we normally have the leadership council with the hermanas and elders together. However, we have been feeling the need to address some items with the zone leaders and with the hermana training leaders separately. And that is what we did last Friday and today.
For the spiritual thought with both groups, I showed the following video by Ze Frank, however, the translation is my own.
Later, I gave them each a personal baggie with one candy to represent each day that they have left in the mission.

I am sure that it is pretty obvious that what I am really feeling is that the time I have left with them is short.

One of the hardest things in the mission is saying goodbye Every Six Weeks. I have never really gotten used to the pain of that. I am grateful for all the technology that makes it possible to check in with our missionaries and for them to check in with us every once in a while. Love that!

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