Thursday, May 22, 2014

may pastores


It is May and it is gray. There are not many people touring the city on a day like today, which is actually kind of a bonus for us. The Pastores found that the exterior of the Casa Rosada was getting an upgrade. I don’t think it will be completed by their Independence Day on Sunday, however.



One of the great things about the Teatro Colon is that the experience there is always different. Today there were practicing for the ballet that will be performed tonight, Le Corsaire. They didn’t have much of a tour, but what could be better than actually witnessing a professional performance?


The missionaries are always surprised to learn that there is a folk tradition in Buenos Aires that if you touch the dog’s nose in the cemetery, you will return to the city. No one wants to miss out on that opportunity!


In Argentina, if you are annoyed with someone, you “drop the cane” on them. This group of Pastores joined together and gave us a gift, our very first cane! It is really beautiful. You can be sure that there will not be any “cane dropping” done with it!


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