Sunday, May 4, 2014

stake conference in gc


The sidewalks are wet, but not because it rained. There is just heavy fog this morning. Many, if not most of the members arrive at the building via bus/collectivo. I love to see them all arriving and walking into the chapel together, so excited for the conference. Elder Nunez of the Seventy was with us today.


The first half of the conference ended a little early so Elder Nunez ended up with more than an hour to speak. He asked two recently returned missionaries and one recently called missionary to bear their testimonies. One of the recently returned had served in Nicaragua. He told us that he served in the same ward for 7 1/2 months and that one of the young men from that ward is now serving in the Buenos Aires West Mission. And that is why the church is small! The young man that will leave soon talked about his experience as a mini-missionary in our mission. It really is an invaluable experience as the missionaries are preparing to serve.


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