Friday, May 9, 2014

the hermanas of bao


We have had an hermanas conference about every six months. It is so exciting to see this group grow. It is even more exciting to witness all the wonderful miracles that they have added to the mission.

We asked them all to bring their best winter coat today because we wanted to make sure that they were all prepared for winter. However, the hermanas thought that when we asked for their best winter coat, we wanted the most unusual or colorful, not necessarily the warmest. They were sure that we were going to do something interesting with their coats as part of the conference.

We had to make it worth their while, so I took casual shots of the hermanas

in their best coats

by zone. For me the best part was that they all wanted to make sure that their plaques were visible. I’ll just say that I got pictures of MOST of their nametags.


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