Tuesday, January 31, 2012

que mundo chico

The day started off plenty early for us when we met two new missionary waiters and one of our own in the CCM for breakfast. It started off way earlier for the assistants who had already taken five of our waiters to the airport. Ouch! We love our waiters and it is so distressing when their visas come. Well, distressing for us! I am sure their own missions are as thrilled as we are when visas finally come through.
Arrivals seem to take on a personality and life of their own and no two have ever been the same. DSC01093

We went back to the office to pick up one of our two Brazilian elders. He immediately got tasked with translating duties.

Then we went to the regional airport where we met our three new Brazucas. They assured me that they would not be offended if I called them that on the blog and said it was similar to calling an American a Yankee.
DSC01098 DSC01099
DSC01106When we were in the car traveling to the mission home for orientation, these two elders realized that they both have older brothers serving in the same mission in Florida!
What a small world!

Today we welcomed three Brazilians, one Chilean and two Argentines to the mission. Tomorrow we will receive seven of our eight North Americans…as one is still awaiting his visa.

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