Monday, August 13, 2012

hermanas working at the temple

One of our hermanas is going to finish her mission just before the dedication. I think she expressed best what all of us were feeling, that it is such a joy to work at the temple, and we are all so grateful for the opportunity. The people that are interested in learning about the gospel come to us with a genuine desire to know the answers.DSC04908DSC04916
DSC04914We met several families that the elders are teaching. One family said that they expected it to be a good experience, but they had not expected how good it actually was for them.

DSC04921It is always fun to see our mini-missionaries, home again with their families. We feel like they will always be part of the mission, we have so much love and gratitude for their service.

DSC04910This family traveled from northern Argentina on a bus for 24 hours to be able to attend the Temple Open House.

At one point today, the elders hurried over to where I was sitting and told me that I needed to go help answer questions from a couple of Chinese ladies that did not speak Spanish, but spoke English. It was my pleasure and joy. I am thinking about the surprise when the reference desk in Provo, Utah, receives the referral for two sisters that live in Hong Kong from the open house in Argentina. They are travelers and were staying at a hotel very near the temple. They had never heard of the church before, but saw that many people were visiting the temple and decided to come over.
DSC04919Another lady came to the temple with her friend. Afterwards, she spent quite a bit of time asking questions of our hermana. One of her questions was if she could be baptized today! Eventually, Presidente called the elders in the area where she lives and gave them her information so that they could spend the next few weeks teaching her and they even talked with her on the phone for a few minutes.
We look forward to attending her baptism in September, however.
DSC04929With all the joy of receiving visa waiters, we also have the sorrow of losing visa waiters. Elder Rojas has been serving since 22 of October, 2011. Tonight he is on his way to Venezuela. Tomorrow, two others are also on their way there. Elder Rojas is from northern Argentina and was so pleased to be able to see the temple before he left.

Every single one of us have beautiful memories of this very special day and very special time in the mission.

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