Saturday, August 25, 2012

last day


The Open House at the Temple finished today. This morning an hour before we officially began tours, their was a long line of people and buses pulling in almost as quickly as we could organize everything. Most of the visitors were members of the church and even with the numbers of people that we were dealing with, there wasn’t a huge need for all the missionaries from the three missions that had been asked to work. At lunchtime, we sent home the ones that had been scheduled to be there all day and  just kept the afternoon reinforcement crew.


In the afternoon, things changed. There were less people, and we were constantly busy, but there were very few members among the groups going through the temple. Those that were coordinating the references said that we received more references than any other single day at the Temple.


A couple of our missionaries told me that they had planned to come on the Monday holiday with their investigators, but then, their investigators wouldn’t come on Monday because of all the rain. Their last hope was to bring them today, so they prayed all week that it wouldn’t rain. They woke up to these skies:DSC00046

We are super grateful for their prayers and the fact that the last day was exceptionally beautiful.



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