Saturday, August 11, 2012

hermanita carter

School started for our daughter, Brianna on Monday. However, for the past ten days or so, ever since she returned from the United States, for her winter/summer break, depending on which hemisphere you live, she has been my companion.
She had to cope with others thinking that perhaps she was a troubled missionary because she wasn’t wearing a plaque. When the office elders found out, they decided that they could remedy that situation. Our mini missionaries wear plaques that say, Brother So-and-So or Sister So-and-So, but I am already Sister Carter, so we came up with something extra special for her, which basically translates to the little Sister Carter.

La escuela empezó para nuestra hija, Brianna el lunes. Sin embargo, mas o menos los últimos diez días, después de sus vacaciones en los EEUU para su de invierno-verano, depende de su hemisferio, ella ha sido mi compañera. Ella necesitaba soportar que otros piensen que ella fue una misionera con problemas porque ella no lleva una placa. Cuando los elderes en la oficina lo supieron, decidieron que ellos pudieran ayudarla con la situación. Nuestros mini misioneros llevan placas que dicen, Hermano Tal y Tal o Hermana Tal y Tal pero ya soy Hermana Carter entonces pensamos que algo extra especial para ella significa pequeño Hermana Carter.

photo4She is a good little missionary too. She invited one of our favorite remis drivers to the Temple Open House. He and his wife picked her up this morning and off they went in the pouring rain. She called later to tell me that he was able to drop them off by the door, but, of course, he had to go to the parking lot, park and then swim back.
It was crazy, but it didn’t keep the nearly 4,000 people away that showed up today.photo1
Afterwards, they had many questions and Brianna let the set apart missionaries take over for that. Both of them told her later how much they appreciated the fact that our elder was not trying to convince them of anything, how he politely answered their questions and gave them the opportunity to express their ideas.
They all had a wonderful experience together, and Presidente said that he was very pleased with his Hermanita.

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  1. That is awesome! Gorgeous picture of you as well B. (And Spencer and I love your name tag.)