Tuesday, January 10, 2012

fedex argentina

Dear Families and Friends of Missionaries,
Please be advised that there is a slim to none chance that we will be able to collect any packages sent by Fedex. Those packages are kept in a facility at the airport. The assistants went looking for one today and were sent on a wild goose chase to approximately ten different locations.
Finally they were told that they would have to pay fees, once or twice, depending on the size of the package and that it would be three or four hours of retrieval time. We are unable to accommodate those kinds of demands as you can imagine. In the end, our great missionary that was supposed to receive the package was informed that we could not get it, and he was very understanding. I am sure it will be quite disappointing to whomever sent it, however.
The packages that come through best have no stickers, stamps or tape that say USPS. That always sends them straight to the customs office. We are receiving many packages directly at the office now that are wrapped in plain brown paper, often with religious stickers. The packages should be no larger than shoebox size. Sending two smaller packages is better than one large package to have a hope of it arriving directly at the office. Please check the contact information link at the top of the blog to review information previously posted about sending packages.
Thank you!!!!

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