Sunday, January 29, 2012

we wish you many more


The missionaries have learned to sing the chorus of our favorite family birthday song called Cut the Cake by John McCutcheon.

Today was Presidente’s birthday and we enjoyed spending the Sunday at church together and a family dinner at home with new friends.

However, the day was pleasantly interrupted by well wishers and even missionary singers.

The best birthday gift of all came quite late in the day.

number-58On Sunday nights, all of the missionaries call in their data from the preceding week. This information is then organized and reported to Presidente. On this Sunday night, if you can believe it, they reported 58 baptisms for the week. I am sure he will never forget it.

That made it a very good month for the mission as a whole and many missionaries were reporting their personal best.

Happy Birthday Presidente!

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  1. Las casualidades no existen!!Felices 58 años querido Presidente!!!