Friday, January 6, 2012

personal interviews-round 3 Cast

We were in Ituzaingo with the Castellar Zone. One of the companionships ran into Presidente earlier in the week, so they didn’t need to come in for interviews. However, I didn’t want to leave them out. I do like to post the pictures as soon as I can after taking them. (This is what your missionary looked like today!) Nevertheless, I went hunting for the pictures that I took of all the missionaries at Christmas time, so that I could include them.

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I talked with many of the missionaries about how their life is different now than what they imagined before their missions. I wish I could share everyone's stories. I normally don’t include the names of the missionaries, not because I don’t know them or remember who said what, I do know all my missionaries and who said what to who ;), but because truly, they all say such special things and so I choose one to speak for all because it would be a pity to leave anyone out. With that said…

Today one of the missionaries told me that before his mission when he was participating in a special event, sometimes he felt like he just couldn’t do it anymore, but then he would hear family or friends cheering on the sidelines and then he would continue on, buoyed by their confidence and good will.

Now, he even though he can’t actually hear them, he remembers and he feels the power of their prayers. Missionary work is hard and our missionaries work very hard. It is wonderful that they feel so loved and supported. He said that sometimes he gets a letter and sometimes an investigator or someone on the street will say just exactly the thing that he needed to hear.

I feel like that too. This past Sunday, we were at church talking with the Area Doctor and his wife. She told me that mission presidents wives often feel lonely. Of course, it is difficult to be far away from family and all the things in your life that made you feel comfortable and happy.

I, too, can truly feel the prayers and love of those on the sidelines. I feel so very blessed that at just at the right moment a message or a note or a comment will come my way.

Thank you each and every one for cheering us on in the Buenos Aires West Mission!

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  1. Querida Hna Carter, por supuesto que cuenta con las oraciones de muchas personas que la amamos y agradecemos por su regalo de 3 años de su vida, junto a su esposo y a su hija, en favor de los santos argentinos. Nuestras oraciones, pensamientos y súplicas estan con la Flia. Carter y con cada misionero del mundo que valientemente lleva el evangelio de Cristo a cada rincon de la tierra. "Esfuérzate y sé valiente"