Friday, January 20, 2012

personal interviews-round 10 merlo

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It takes a long time to talk individually with 180 missionaries. On paper, it is 45 hours, but in practice, it takes considerably longer. Nevertheless, apart from picking up new missionaries, it is my favorite thing to do in the mission. I often ask them what is their favorite part of the mission. Today one of them told me that he really likes clapping the doors. He said that he thought he would really dislike that part before the mission, so that turned out to be a nice surprise. Most people send them on, but when someone says to come on in and share a message, it is just the best thing ever. I can imagine!

The missionaries are pretty busy, so I asked him how much time he actually had to clap the doors. He answered that they didn’t have much time, but often they would take odd 15 or 20 minutes here and there between appointments or at the beginning of the day after personal studies, they sometimes have a few minutes. It is a blessing to have such valiant missionaries.

Today, I feel like we have finished a month long celebration of who we are:

Workers in this piece of the Lord’s vineyard.

Each and every one is thrusting in his sickle and each and every one is beholding a marvelous work!

When the missionaries return the question to me and ask what is my favorite part, I smile and say that I am doing it! It surprises them, but I laugh and tell them it is true. And then they believe me. Hearing their stories and sharing pieces of their lives is the best thing ever. You can imagine!

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