Wednesday, January 4, 2012

personal interviews-round 2 RM

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We saw the Ramos Mejia  Zone today at the mission offices. Our daughter, Brianna, is on summer break until the first of February, so she came with us. The two of us chatted with the missionaries, practicing our Spanish and learned about their personal family Christmas traditions. It was interesting to me that so many of them said that they missed the Peace of Christmas. When I asked  about that further, it usually translated into a special family home evening on Christmas Eve.

In Argentina, the fireworks are the magic that brings Santa Claus. We learned that fireworks are also illegal in Chile. However, the children take a walk around the block and when they come back, they sometimes find Papa Noel delivering their presents, or they find that he has already delivered their presents, which they open immediately in either case.

When I asked about their favorite part of Christmas here in Argentina, the answer usually had something to do with food.

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