Tuesday, January 10, 2012

personal interviews-round 4 GC

DSC00698We had a “waiter” arrive this morning and went to the airport to find our singleton among 40 or so other missionaries who had been assigned to various other missions in the country.




Then we headed straight to Gonzalez Catan for our interviews. Unbeknownst to me, Presidente interviewed four of the companionships yesterday before and after the refuerzos meeting so that the scheduled six hour interview session could be accomplished in a more timely manner considering our schedule for the day.

DSC00705Our new elder got a very different first day in the mission as he headed out with one of the zone leaders from Gonzalez Catan and found themselves amidst a torrential downpour. I have to say that the assistants were a little jealous that they weren’t out there with them enjoying the summer shower. Being from Florida, we are used to this kind of heat and amazing rainstorms, so it felt a little like home to me. However, Buenos Aires is setting records this year with the heat, and everyone is talking about the surprising rain as well. I am not sure exactly how our new elder felt about it, except that he came back smiling which was a good sign!

One of the other missionaries headed out on splits before I could capture a picture of the two of them together. So even though I had hoped to capture every companionship this transfer, it is proving to be more difficult that I had imagined! With apologies to all that were missed:

DSC00702DSC00703 DSC00709DSC00711  DSC00719DSC00699 DSC00718

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