Tuesday, January 17, 2012

personal interviews-round 8 moreno

Oh my goodness! I am going to be in so much trouble tonight with the parents of missionaries in Moreno. I forgot to take pictures today! It is so crazy how I can carry around a camera everyday, all day, and today, I just forgot to take it out of my purse and take the pictures. After I was all done chatting with the missionaries, I was checking my email, and I had a question about the blog, and THEN, I remembered! I went running out to see if ANYONE was left. Normally, I finish well before Presidente. I had a little bit of luck, but most were back to work already.

I will share a little bit of what we talked about. Elder Krausse and I talked about the challenges of learning a second language. Elder Memmott and I talked about how he copes with the stresses of mission life. Elder Vorwaller and I talked about waterpolo and Elder Ortega and I talked about what it is like serving a mission close to home. Elder Albornoz and I talked about leadership and one of the things Elder Young and I talked about was the blog! What was I thinking then???? Elder Duran and I talked about his four mission presidents to date and some of the strengths of each one. (He had to go home for medical reasons. He had President Benton before he left and obviously, Presidente Carter now. When he went home, he served in the mission there, which also had a change this July, so he got to know both of those mission presidents as well!) Elder Ponce and I talked about some great things happening in his family.

So, here are the missionaries who had the later interviews. DSC00812DSC00805 DSC00803  DSC00811

It was a wonderful day. I laughed a lot, and I also cried a little as sacred and special experiences were shared. All of the missionaries helped me with my Spanish, and I even had a chance to practice some commands, which is what I am learning now.

All of the missionaries came to me with their jackets on. Presidente sits in the Stake Presidents office with the air conditioning running, but I am just in a normal classroom with a fan. It was plenty hot, but they have that much respect! Aren’t they great? Well, I told them straightaway, to take off their jackets so they didn’t boil alive right before my very eyes. But they all hurried and put their jackets back on when I came back for pictures! I think they are all looking very handsome!

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