Monday, January 2, 2012

two hermanas from jujuy


These two sisters didn’t know each other before their missions even though they are from the same place, pronounced who who-y. That is because Sister Claros was receiving her call to serve at right about the same time that Sister Guzman was joining the church. They are so excited to have these few weeks to serve together before Sister Claros returns home.


Sister Claros came to the mission home today to take her language test. Preach My Gospel instructs all the missionaries to do language study everyday. Our North American missionaries study Spanish and our Latin missionaries study English. The Latin missionaries take an online oral test at the end of their mission to document their achievement.

After the test, the three of us went grocery shopping, had lunch and then stopped off at the mall for a few little odds and ends.


Santa has been replaced by the Three Wisemen. Children were lined up to have their pictures taken with them just as they were before Christmas with Santa. The  hermanas thought it was interesting that we don’t have that tradition in the United States.

I learned that the holiday is known as El Día de los Tres Reyes Magos and takes place on January 6. The Argentines simply call the celebration Reyes. It commemorates the presentation of the baby Jesus to the Three Wise Men or Magi.  Argentine children write letters to the Three Kings – just as children in the United States write to Santa – asking them for gifts.  The hermanas told me about leaving their shoes by the door on the night of January 5. Children also leave water and grass nearby for the Wise Men’s camels. The next morning, the children awaken to find that the Reyes Magos have left them a gift on top of their shoes. Reyes marks the end of the holiday season, and most families take down the Christmas tree and other decorations on this day.*

We loved the winter scene made out of candy. It took 16 artists 5 months and 660 pounds of candy to create this window masterpiece at Cheeky Baby.


Of course, we had to buy ice cream!



The sisters were supposed to be helping me with my Spanish. We didn’t speak any English today, but they weren’t correcting me when I made grammatical mistakes either. They said they would, but I don’t think that it is in their nature.





My favorite part of the day was when they asked me if I liked to buy clothes better or shoes. What a question! When I hesitated, they both laughed and said that they could answer the question for me…shoes!

I think I need to spend more Mondays with the hermanas ;) 




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