Monday, January 9, 2012

record breaking

It is the hottest that it has ever been recorded for this date. The refuerzos are having a trial by fire, for sure.  It was 94 degrees today with 82% humidity earlier and no chance of rain. For a while this morning, the lights went out and the fans went off in the building, but it didn’t seem to phase them at all.

They came in with smiles and stories, full of excitement for the work. They are positive, but also super honest about how things are going and have even made a few suggestions about where they think improvements might be made. We love it!

We got an update on how the 12 week training program was going within the companionships, what was helping them the most with their language studies and what they and their companions were doing to accomplish their goals.

Bien hecho to all of them!!!! Perhaps they will be our mission record breakers ;)

DSC01233 DSC01232DSC01231 DSC01230  DSC01228 DSC01226  DSC01241 DSC01239 DSC01238 DSC01236  DSC01235 DSC01234 DSC01223

Did anybody spot the hermanita Carter among the group today?


  1. Yikes, that sounds hot. Did you do a video of the December pastores?

  2. Thank you Sister Carter for this wonderful blog! Our son leaves for the MTC in less than 36 hours and he is so excited! He can't wait to serve the Lord and the people of Argentina! Thanks for all you do :) Janet Eppich