Thursday, January 12, 2012

personal interviews-round 6 chiv

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Presidente did several of the interviews for the Chivilcoy Zone on his way to General Villegas this past weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of all of the missionaries. Today we actually went to Chivilcoy to do the rest of the interviews. You probably remember that it takes us a couple of hours to get there.

My favorite part of the day was when Presidente unexpectedly called all of the missionaries into the office to join in on one of the interviews. He then told all of the missionaries that he was answering the question of what the vision is for the missionaries in campo. It is inspiring to see how hard the missionaries work in these small branches, going forward with faith. They are laying the foundation for wards and stakes in the future. Although he didn’t tell them this story today, I was reminded how he has told them previously about a little branch in the mountains of Peru. He and his companion were sure they had knocked on every door in the city. Today there are two stakes in that city. We believe that our missionaries will be telling those kinds of stories to their children as well.

s_MLA_v_O_f_124325842_878On the way out, we saw a recent accident on the freeway with 2 oil tankers carrying flammable gas wrapped around each other and the guardrail. On the way home, nine hours later, we were in a horrible traffic jam. We ended up moving 3 kilometers in 4 hours. Early on, Presidente moved to the back seat and read the weekly letters from the missionaries which were conveniently in the car. Elder Quackenbush babysat the steering wheel, and he and Elder Baudon and I played a paper and pencil version of Tutti Fruitti.  I had read about it in a magazine that my Spanish teacher recommended, and Elder Baudon taught Elder Quackenbush and I how to play. We made Elder Baudon play in English because his family played it often. I learned later that it is like the American game, Scattergories. After that, we played a Bible trivia game and then another type of wordsearch. At the end of the day, Elder Baudon and Elder Quackenbush ended up spending the night at the partially functional mission home because, of course, we all need to get up early tomorrow.

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