Monday, January 16, 2012

p-day for leaders


The Zone Leaders and District Leaders came in this morning for Leadership Training. The companions to the District Leaders took off with one another to attend to various P-day activities.

The traveling assistants talked about our responsibilities that are not casual, but sacred. The office assistants gave many practical suggestions to improve the efficiency of the mission and organized a “practica” (demonstration) of a district meeting.

We all had a good time imagining what that group of elders together in a district might be like ;)

DSC00797 DSC00765 DSC00766 DSC00767DSC00791 DSC00790 DSC00789 DSC00773 DSC00777 DSC00774  DSC00772 DSC00770

Afterwards, there was an English test to be taken,


DSC00798 DSC00799

and a soccer game to be played. With the heat, you can imagine that didn’t last too long. Their happy red faces, atop their buttoned white shirts and ties, left, to finish all of the rest of the things that need to be done before they officially go back to work at 6:00 tonight.

DSC00800 DSC00802

Meanwhile, Sister Cox was tending to the medical needs of various missionaries and sending a group of hermanas to the city to obtain their DNIs. Elder Cox was procuring the food to feed this hungry crew, and he and his wife completed the preparation.

After almost everything was said and done, Presidente responded to interview requests, and I sequestered myself in the materials closet with my computer since I had the opportunity blog early today!

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