Tuesday, September 27, 2011

new arrivals

DSC02883We arrived at the CCM here in Buenos Aires this morning after taking one of our Pastores to the airport. It was great meeting our new Latin missionaries. It made me a little bit sad that we couldn't take them with us...yet. We promised that we would be back.










What are the chances that your best friend in all the world will be called to serve in the same mission you are serving in? These two were pretty thrilled to see each other again much sooner than they ever imagined!





After some photos of the temple renovation, we went to the airport again to await the arrival of the north Americans.



Actually, there were many arrivals for missions in Argentina, and today,  it seemed like we waited the longest for ours to get through customs. Happily, they all made it though!



DSC02931We chatted with the missionaries while we waited for the finalization of their paperwork. Then we were off to the mission home for lunch and a little bit of orientation.




Meanwhile, their trainers arrived at the mission office looking forward to meeting their new companions.




Bienvenidos Elderes y Hermanas!

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  1. Gracias Gracias por el fabuloso registro de las experiencias misionales que llenan el alma de gozo!!Es hermoso ver a mi hijo y a uno de sus mejores amigos compartiendo esta experiencia eterna juntos en la MEJOR MISION DE TODO EL MUNDO!!!Felicitaciones para los cordobeses: Elder Peralta y Elder Baudon