Tuesday, September 6, 2011

waiting for our waiters

We were so happy to learn that two of our elders that have been waiting were coming to us this morning. When we were almost to the airport, we found out that the plane had been delayed. At that point, we decided to go over to another terminal and meet up with the  Buenos Aires presidents that have their normal pickup today.

The Gulbrandsens, from the north mission are on the left and the Stapleys from the south mission are on the right.


We saw many missionaries going to four other missions in Argentina, and then Elder Carlson came through! Elder Godfrey was happy that he no longer had to chase after Presidente when he went off, forgetting that Elder Godfrey’s companions were back at the office doing other work this morning. It was confusing to Elder Carlson for a little bit, thinking that Elder Godfrey was his permanent companion.


Then it was over to the CCM to pick up Elder Chira. He is from Peru and has been doing his Preach My Gospel training here the past three weeks. It wasn’t raining today, so I got a better picture of the construction going on at the temple, but… taken through a screen.


Abrazos all around.


Welcome Elders! We are so glad you are here!


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