Friday, September 30, 2011

lifting the mission

After everyone left, Presidente told me that I hit the ball out of the park today with my spiritual thought, which included this video and  a co-operative analogy about lifting the mission. The north American missionaries were surprised to see something that resembled Rice Krispie treats for dessert at lunchtime. The Latin missionaries wondered what was causing the stir.
(We don’t have Rice Krispies here. I did find marshmallows the other day, but they cost  50 pesos or about $12.50 a bag. )
So, I made the treats out of Arroz en copos Crocante, Dame Mani peanut butter,  fructosa (something that I bought at the health food store that resembles corn syrup) and chocolate frosting.
It was thumbs up ALL around the table.
Then it was back to the work at hand for several more hours for the Zone Leaders. DSC08285

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