Saturday, September 10, 2011

150 contacts

We have been working and training about finding people to teach. Preach My Gospel says to talk to as many people as you can and the Lord will lead you to those who he has prepared to receive the gospel, or He will lead them to you.

We have a mission goal of every missionary making 150 contacts every week. With permission from Presidente and the missionary writer, I am sharing some of their  stories.

***The pictures do not coincide with who wrote the stories.***

However, these two elders, Elder Morales and Elder Moorhouse, went the extra mile and did 199 contacts the first week that we began focusing on finding.



I would like to share one miracle that we saw this week through a simple contact. While we were focusing on the 140 contacts we ran into one lady with her daughter. The mother looked pretty stressed out and wanted to just go to wherever she was intended to go, but I had the feeling that we needed to contact her. The contact didn’t turn out as successful as I wanted it to be, but we left a good impression, a smile and we were able to write down her address. As we put her in our plans for Saturday afternoon, we passed by but she wasn’t there, as we were heading back to another appointment I said we should go try one more time, and it ends up she was home! We passed and talked with her and her daughter and had a super spiritual lesson. We promised them it they came to church tomorrow the Lord will bless their family and the situation that they are in. They are such a wonderful family and I knew that Heavenly Father would come through if they showed their faith. The mother said we were angels that God sent to her at this time. On Sunday we went to look for her and her family, and the mother and daughter came to Church! We gave her a blessing after church and the Relief Society president and members showed their love and asked her if she needed anything. She was amazed by the church and wants her kids (8 of them) to come to church and the activities. The kids are excited to come to mutual and church next week! What a miracle President. I love contacts!



Bueno, esta semana pasada fue “DE 10!!” Realmente, como compañerismo, estamos enfocándonos en los contactos. Y gracias a este deseo a hacerlos, encontramos un chico en sábado. Se llama Christopher. Lo invitamos a venir a la capilla ayer, y vino! El tiene 17 años y le gustó la Iglesia mucho entonces después de la reunión, le mostramos la pila bautismal y sacamos la fecha con él por el 10 de septiembre. Fue un milagro grande, y me ayudó a crecer mi testimonio en los contactos.


Siento mucho mejor sobre los contactos, y mi compañera y yo hicimos por la primera vez en mi misión, contactos en un colectivo donde hacemos un anuncio general en el colectivo y después pasamos silla a silla hablando con todos. Fue muy espiritual.


Yo y mi compañero estamos viendo los resultados de los 150 contactos y de las demás metas que tenemos, estamos encontrando muchas familias y muchas personas que están bien dispuestos a escucharnos, pretendemos sacar fechas bautismales esta semana, siempre teniendo en mente el plan a como nos fue enseñado…



…le contare que estoy muy edificado sobre la conferencia que tuvimos acerca de los contactos y gracias a los contactos conocimos a una familia muy buena que estamos trabajando con ellos se que el Señor nos pone a sus hijos escogidos en este tiempo y solo hay que hablar con todos…



…personalmente muy contento porque hemos podido ver los frutos de nuestro trabajo asi que muy feliz por eso, eso nos da más energía para poder seguir trabajando y que el desanimo no sea una opción para nosotros…Presidente, muchas gracias, en especial por la meta de los contactos…


We worked hard this week and ever more hard because we weren’t able to work on Monday or Tuesday! We got it done though and I have seen the blessings through doing the contacts. Somehow people just fall into your hands and you really do see the miracles of our loving Heavenly Father. Even though it can be uncomfortable sometimes, if you just go out and talk to everyone you will find the chosen awesome people here in our respective areas. I am super stoked to keep working hard and having seguimiento with our latest personas that we have encountered.



My companion and I were also able to complete with our contacts. I won’t lie, I did not think we were going to make it and it is difficult for me to sometimes do my contacts but with the help of my companion and the excitement that we had together to do it we got it done. We now are excited to talk to people and we will strive our best to complete our contacts every week. The Lord sure does bless us when we just forget ourselves and go to work.


We increased our numbers of contacts this week to reach the new goal of 150 per week and were really excited about this. I think that it’s a great goal, and I know that if we can have more contacts (and better contacts) we will see even more success in our area!



I really want to thank you for helping us understand the real importance of contacts. This past week my companion and I had found 2 wonderful people that we had contacted! Just to let you know these 2 we found now have a fecha and they came to church for the first time! It was amazing! I truly had found out the real importance of the 150 contacts. We don’t only do them to complete them, but we do it to show our Heavenly Father that he really had prepared people in our way! In every contact that we had completed this week we had taught, testified and invited everyone to come unto Christ. I never felt the spirit so strong doing so! We will be completing our 150 contacts every week and that is a promise to you President! We have seen many milagros this week by doing so.




So this week we saw a huge miracle. We were going to the very edge of our area which is in the middle of nowhere and we decided to contact this woman that was there on the corner. She told us that she wanted our help to stop smoking. She took us to her house to meet her family and we taught a short lesson. She said to come back on Saturday. So we went back. In those two days she had slowed her smoking down from 3 to 4 packs a day to 3 to 4 cigarettes a day. Then she told us her husband never had let anyone into her house. But he stayed and greeted us and even gave us a ride to our next appointment that day we met him. She told us that she was going to church no matter what on Sunday and sure enough her and her daughter showed up to church! The gospel really makes a difference in peoples lives and leaves the spirit of peace and love in a home. I learned a lot this week about that and the importance it has for the family.




We don’t contact people just to contact them. We contact them because we are inviting them to repent and be baptized. My whole perspective of contacting has now changed and I feel the power, my personal testimony strengthens when I can bear witness and stand as witness of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and open my mouth. I promise president that my companion and I will complete with 150 contacts every week. Not because we have to but because we have to see the miracles and we understand that everyone we see is our family. We love them and so by showing our love for them and the Lord, we will do all that is needed to complete 150 contacts to the end of my mission.



This week we have had two miracles from contacts. We have tried asking for references in every moment and contacting everyone that came in our path. 3 of our 5 fechas that we have came from contacts. One was in a bus who came to church on Sunday and is very excited to be baptized. As we talked with her on the bus we saw a light in her eyes and we felt something special. We passed by that very afternoon and we realized that we were directed by the Lord to be able to find her.



By completing our 150 contacts, we’ve been able to find some really good families.

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