Monday, September 26, 2011

what is a remise

“Remise are a type of taxi, which differ from a regular taxi in that the price of the trip is established in advance. This way the driver can count on the passenger to have the required amount of money, and the passenger can also be certain that the driver will take the most direct route to the destination. Remises in general are cheaper than taxis.” It is how our missionaries to and fro…when walking is out of the question.
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Today is transfer day. The missionaries that are being changed are coming in this morning.
There were many hellos and goodbyes.
There was luggage to be transferred along with the missionaries.

Then it was back to work!

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  1. Cuantas emociones encontradas!! alegrias y tristezas deben fundirse al unisono. Los que se van, los que vienen... me pregunto donde sera asignado Elder Peralta? (un refuerzo que enviamos desde Cordoba Norte)felicitaciones por la gran obra misional de la mejor mision del Mundo!!
    Gracias hermana Carter por compartirnos sus experiencias. Un gran abrazo. Hna Baudon