Friday, September 9, 2011

checking in with the reinforcements

Today all of the reinforcements came into the office with their companions. Presidente did lots of interviews and we met together as a group to find out what is working well and what we can improve.
At lunch time I took pictures of all of the elders with their MTC/CCM groups. I asked one of the elders if their MTC/CCM groups had names. He answered, “48E?” Okay, so I decided to forget that. They were all so happy to see one another and find out what their first impressions of the mission have been. It is likely that they won’t be all together like this again until the pastores tour a couple of years from now. So here they are with their companions in the following pictures in exactly the same position.
latinlatin comp 
Elders Chira, Cerda, Gonzalez, Munoz, Calpahchay, Abarca, Hochkirch, Larrea, and their companions Elders Hughes, Poppelmeier, Sypherd, Schwaar, Rasmussen, Rook, Anderson, & Brown.
Elders Pulsipher, Dorius, Carlson, Griggs, Howell, Bower, Nesbit & Davila and their companions, Elders Wilson, Gonzalez, Brown, Jensen, Kwasney, Perez, Shepherd, Hutchins
Elders Kent, Kimball, Davis & Papa and their companions Elders Andrus, Hernandez, Parker and Phillips.

The office staff decided to take a turn as well ;)
Elder Bagley, Elder Lopez, Elder Packer, Elder Godfrey, Elder Baudon,           Hermana Carter, Presidente Carter, Elder Cox, Hermana Cox
Some random captures from the day:
DSC02419 DSC02440DSC02386
DSC02384   DSC02400 
DSC02412 DSC02414


  1. thank you for this lovely blog. I am so happy to read about the Lord's work and wonderful success there in the Buenos Aires West mission. My son is Elder Walsh.

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos. We see our son is healthy and happy! Thank you for taking such great care of him. Almost makes it hard to miss him. :-)

  3. Gracias Hna Carter por compartir estas maravillosas experiencias misionales que involucran a nuestros amados hijos... que hoy son SUS hijos. Los amamos. Familia Baudon, de Córdoba, Argentina