Saturday, September 24, 2011

saturday miracles

Every baptism is a miracle. On Saturdays, I love to think about the miracles that are happening all over the mission. Of course, the missionaries love being part of those miracles as they have been instruments in the hands of God teaching those whom He has prepared. 

We watched a few of those miracles today. Actually, a family of 7 was supposed to be baptized. However, an emergency necessitated that the father and one of his daughters will be baptized next week instead. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful event for the other 5.

Also today, a grandfather and grandson shared their experience together. The grandson is deaf and mute. It was extraordinarily special to watch the missionaries communicate with him.

It brought tears to my own eyes, when I noticed tears in the elders’ eyes as they witnessed their investigators coming into the fold.







Afterwards, Presidente interviewed a young man who attended the baptism. Then, he delivered the good news to these elders, that their investigator will be getting be baptized tomorrow.



Keep up the Good Work.

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