Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mission tour, part one

I have heard of mission tours, but I never really knew anything about a mission tour. This is how it happened.
Elder Aidukaitis is a member of the Seventy. He is also the first counselor in the Area Presidency for the South America South region. He is from Brazil, but he is also fluent in Spanish and English. His office contacted the mission to tell us that he would be coming to visit the mission the 14-15-16 of September. We planned and had all of the external things organized as he requested. He asked to meet with my husband and I first, for an hour. Next, an hour for the office missionaries. Next a few hours for the zone leaders and district leaders. The next four meetings were with the zones and happened over the three day period. Each evening my husband and I met with him again to discuss the events of the day.
He asked that we meet in the cultural hall and set the tables in a U-style formation. He taught and did demonstrations, with and without the missionaries. All of the missionaries had been asked to prepare a three minute talk on obedience. Each day, one missionary was called upon to give their talk, but no one knew who was going to be asked until the last second. I was also asked to give a 10 minute talk and Presidente taught as well.
Elder Aidukaitis is very serious about missionary work and he talked with the missionaries very seriously about their responsibilities. He also talked about the “grandes bendiciones” (great blessings) promised to faithful missionaries.
One of the most entertaining parts of the day was when he was doing a demonstration for the missionaries and he asked Presidente to be an investigator with a baptismal date already set. Elder Aidukaitis is a very large man with a very deep voice. For the demonstration, he called Presidente, “Douglito”. Elder Aidukaitis was playing the part of Douglito’s padre. Two missionaries were asked to make a house call. When the missionaries clapped at the pretend doorway, Elder Aidukaitis stood up and in a big voice and in a big way answered the claps. I seriously thought the two elders might faint dead away. After the laughter subsided, he then taught a great lesson about working with families.
The training with the zones lasted 4-5 hours with one 10 minute break, although, the missionaries did break out into companionships for one of the exercises.
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