Monday, September 12, 2011

hanging out with the hermanas

It’s P-Day in the mission. Presidente and I normally take P-Day on Saturday to maximize our time with Brianna, however, today was a school holiday. Hermana Yingling and Hermana Reales spent part of the day with us at the house and made cinnamon rolls for their Bishop.

We also walked to the grocery store in hopes of finding some American peanut butter. Even Sister Reales from Cordoba, Argentina is a fan of peanut butter. (It was a lucky day.)
The aforementioned Bishop had loaned Hermana Yingling his violin, and the two of them gave us a little concert before heading back to the field this afternoon.
Several weeks ago when we had first arrived in the mission, I was sitting next to Hermana Yingling waiting for Presidente. She had just received her mail. I laughed and asked her about her “Dear Elder” letter. That was the first day I found out about the Dear Elder letter service. Last night, because Presidente sometimes forgets to give me things, on our way to the fireside, he reached into the back seat, and I received my first Dear Elder letter. I remembered being so surprised about Hermana Yingling’s letter, and I was even more surprised to receive one myself! I am thrilled to be part of the Dear Elder club!!!

Really and truly, there is no Dear Elder club, I am just excited that I got to be one of the people that got a letter from the Dear Elder service.

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  1. Que gozo ver a la maravillosa Hna Reales, quien nos deleito en el Coro de nuestra estaca con su voz, su piano y su clarinete. Es una bella hija de Dios y un ejemplo!!Estoy muy orgullosa de conocerla y ver que esta al servicio de su Dios. Un gran abrazo!!