Friday, September 16, 2011

mission tour, part three

A mission tour is like general conference, only the messages are totally tailored to the needs of your mission. I asked some of the missionaries what they thought of the conference. They said words like amazing, wonderful and inspiring.

One of the refuerzos was reading aloud for the group this morning. Elder Aidukaitis stopped him and asked him a question. He hesitated for a minute and then gave a great answer. His companion beamed with joy. Most of the companionships in the mission have that kind of camaraderie.

We had a bonus adventure after the conference today. Elder Aidukaitis asked to see the pension of the elders that live nearby.


 DSC02600 DSC02601 DSC02602DSC02615 DSC02603DSC02607 DSC02606  DSC02619DSC02609 DSC02610  DSC02617  DSC02618 DSC02621 DSC02622 DSC02624 DSC02625 DSC02628DSC02627 DSC02597DSC02599 

They didn’t even run home to tidy up!


DSC02637 DSC02642 DSC02641 DSC02640

We are so grateful for three wonderful, amazing and inspiring days!

Thank you, Elder Aidukaitis!


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