Saturday, September 17, 2011

up in the night

argentina-nightThe assistants called last night at 11:30. Apparently, two of the elders had not called in. Presidente sent them to the pension. Thirty minutes later when they arrived, they knocked and knocked, but nobody answered. They woke up the land lady and had her open the door.

The missionaries had been doing divisions that evening. The other half of both of the companionships had the telephones. The two without any phone were very worried when they realized what had happened and that they would not be able to call in. They went to a public telephone. However, the public telephone was not working properly. Finally, they figured that they should just go where they belonged and, of course, they fell asleep after a very busy day.

Every night, everyone checks in. Someone will be up waiting until we know that everyone is home safely. I  love happy endings every single day!

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