Thursday, September 15, 2011

mission tour, part two—b-

We had a quick lunch and drove to another chapel about a half hour away. There, the missionaries were waiting and the training began again. I made a quiet joke to Presidente and Elder Aidukaitis that they could take a little nap while I was speaking. Of course, they didn’t.

The missionaries continue to be very encouraging to me about speaking. After their kind words, I go home and study even harder because I want to be worthy of their generous words. In our evening meeting, Elder Aidukaitis told me that he was delighted? (I can’t remember the exact word he used) that I spoke to the missionaries from a little note card. He and Presidente speak and train for hours without even a note card! I put a few key words to help me remember the thoughts that I had as I prepared. Sometimes I also put a word or two that is new to me that I think I might forget in the moment.

While I am not understanding 100% of what is said, I am understanding most of what is said and I have found recently that I am no longer changing the words from Spanish to English in my head. Presidente asked me if I thought that the new elders were understanding as well. I told him that I thought so. The Spirit was certainly with us this afternoon and anything that was missed vocabulary-wise was definitely felt.

After the meetings the missionaries collect their mail and materials that they have ordered for their investigators and new converts.


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